Meet The Team

Academy Head Coach

Melvin Wesley

Master Melvin Wesley Academy Head Coach Founder of Pound 4 Pound Elite Boxing Academy A powerhouse team of top-tier professionals ready to help you win in the ring and in life. Get ready for unbeatable results!. Enjoy the inspired guidance and expertise of Master Melvin Wesley Academy!

Professional Boxer

Kate LaVigne

Dr. Kate LaVigne is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world, a powerhouse in the boxing realm, establishing a robust and triumphant record in boxing. no doubt! Get ready to witness the incredible boxing journey of Dr. Kate LaVigne, a true powerhouse in the sport.

Trainer, Professional Fighter

Kendrick Latchman

Latchman's Professional figther Boxer, MMA trainer Get ready to take your training to the next level ! Our friendly and approachable staff is here to ensure you have a positive and successful experience.

Boxing Trainer, Amateur boxer

Alexander Hamilton

Hi, I'm Alex. No relation to the founding father, I promise. I am a NASM certified personal trainer at Pound 4 Pound Elite Boxing Academy. I won the novice Golden Gloves Championship in 2018 and again in 2021. My goal is to make sure that after every session with me, you leave with a little bit more knowledge and confidence than yesterday to power through the rest of your day. Also, always remember that the voice in your head that tells you to "give up" when things get hard, can also be trained to say "keep going"!

Amateur Boxer

Melvin Wesley Jr.

Amateur Boxer

Nehemiah Snype

Amateur Boxer


Amateur Boxer

Devin Wesley

Amateur Boxer

Skylar Peterson

Amateur boxer

Aaron & Tony

Amateur boxer


Trainer, Amateur Boxer


Trainer, Amateur Boxer